The Voice Exercise Book

In The Voice Exercise Book, Jeannette Nelson shares the voice exercises she uses with many of Britain’s leading actors to help to keep their voices in shape. Her belief is that all of us, not just actors, can learn to use our voices well.

When you perform professionally, or you just want to be understood clearly and easily, you can improve your voice by knowing how it works and by practising simple exercises. The aim is not to ‘fake it’ – to try to sound like someone else. It is to find your authentic voice: to be honestly and clearly you in any situation.

This book will be useful to actors, teachers and anyone else who uses their voice professionally. That might be all day or just at meetings and presentations, or in the theatre. Its content is based on the work that Jeannette does every day with professional actors and is therefore suitable for anyone who has to ‘perform’ with this voice, whether on stage, in school, in a place of worship, in the boardroom, on the sales floor or on the end of a telephone. Being heard and understood, clearly and easily, is of course the desire of all who use their voice to communicate professionally.

The Voice Exercise Book: The Warm-Ups CD

Essential warm-up exercises for anyone who wants to use their voice more effectively. An accompaniment to The Voice Exercise Book, the accessible and straightforward guide to good voice production.If you’re using your voice in a professional capacity – as a performer, a public speaker, a teacher, or even for long hours over the telephone – then warming up is an essential part of ensuring best practice and vocal health.

On this CD, Jeannette Nelson, Head of Voice at the National Theatre, provides three complete and easy-to-use voice warm-ups that she uses with actors and non-actors alike. Simply press play, and follow the instructions, either on your own or in a group.

Each warm-up helps you to:

  • release physical tension and prepare your breathing
  • open up your voice and improve your resonance
  • get the speech muscles in your mouth working freely

There is also a warm-down for after you have been using your voice, to release any tensions, re-establish good muscle action, and keep healthy for the next time.

The CD can be used on its own or in conjunction with The Voice Exercise Book.