"Jeannette saved my bacon, egg, sausage AND mushrooms when I'd lost my voice during a run of Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre. Her prodigious technical skills rectified the problem and DAMN I sounded good. This book is a must for anyone who is serious about producing a strong, clean, noise from their voice box…"  Lenny Henry CBE P.S. She's also a dialect merchant - be warned…


"I owe Jeanette a huge debt of thanks. She was recommended as the best in the business, and has worked with me for years on my one-man shows. Her knowledge is astonishing and her approach so gentle and effective. I'm very excited to finally get her in book form." Derren Brown


"She makes the world of voice production endlessly fascinating and endlessly fun. It's not just her encyclopaedic knowledge of the mechanics - it's the clarity with which she expresses her ideas and the simplicity and ease with which she gets results. There is no one better."  Rory Kinnear


"From my experience of working with Jeannette at the National Theatre she not only helped me with my breathing but also in discovering how to use language, particularly with Beatrice in "Much Ado".  Her warm-up sessions were tremendous and this book extends those exercises. I have bought many "how to" books over the years, opened them and put them back on the shelf.  Jeannette's book is practical, articulate and a blow-by-blow guide in how to help yourself.  It can be opened at any page.  The only downside is she is not there in person to help you!"  Zoe Wanamaker